Concept of Serverless && Faas

i’ve been learning about serverless almost two week, that I want to write a post to talk about what I’ve thinking about at those two weeks.

what is Serverless

Serverless is not mean you don’t need a server, it means as a developer you don’t have to care about server, only you have to care is your code, that’s Serverless.

You don’t have to care about your code that is because the environment has already configured, something like auto scaling, load balance, circuit breaker, A/B testing and so on…, so literally developer write their code, Serverless environment build their code and run their code also control the client requests, additionally record metrics.

what is Faas

you have to know the Serverless is a computing mode that could be running a service or a function, and Faas(Function as a service) is one of Serverless manifestation for running functions. no project structures, only functions. so serverless concept is bigger than Faas.

most interesting thing that i’ve found is Faas can used to supply public features, let me use an Amazon Alexa as an example, if you ask Alexa! what’s the weather like today?, for answer those kind of questions, Alexa must have a mechanism that can analysis voice and get the keywords then call the specific function, apparently you can’t write those kind of functions in single program, so use Faas to manage all of those functions, and Alexa call those individual functions through network then get response to end user.

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